El Gouna is an Egyptian tourist resort, owned by Samih Sawiris and developed by Orascom Hotels and Development dating from 1989. It is located on the Red Sea in the Red Sea Governorate of Egypt, 20 kilometres (12 miles) north of Hurghada. It is part of the Red Sea Riviera, and a host city of the El Gouna Film Festival.

El Gouna specializes in water-sports, including scuba diving, windsurfingkitesurfingwaterskiingparasailing and snorkelling. There are several beaches: including Zeytuna Beach located on its own island, Mangroovy Beach, Moods Beach and other hotel beaches. A network of canals allows many houses to have their own strip of beach, even hundreds of meters inland. Most of these canals are crossed by small stone bridges.

There are three main areas in El Gouna, Downtown, Tamr Henna Square and the Abu Tig Marina 

There are 18 hotels with 2,895 rooms rated from three star to five stars. 

Other attractions and activities around town include a small aquarium, a go-kart track, a paintball arena, tennis courts, horse stables and a football stadium. The local football team El Gouna FC currently plays in the Egyptian premier league. It also has a Mosque and a Coptic Church, the Church of St. Mary and the Archangels.

In 2017 an annual film festival was established, the El Gouna Film Festival, it attracts many Egyptian movies stars, also hosts some International stars as well. 

El Gouna offers an unparalleled lifestyle that has attracted a growing multinational community. Year-round sunshine, shimmering lagoons, turquoise beaches and its location a mere 4-hour flight from Europe make El Gouna the ultimate paradise escape. It boasts world-class infrastructure and premium services, and is home to some of the world’s most reputable brands in the tourism and leisure industries.

El Gouna offers a wide range of international-standard facilities, including a variety of properties from exclusive private villas to cozy apartments, all in harmony yet with a unique identity.

Over 100 restaurants, bars and eateries make up a refined culinary scene. Cultural events and festivals are also popular occurrences.

Reputed for its perfect year-round weather, shimmering turquoise lagoons, coral reefs and stretching coastlines, El Gouna is a destination conducive to healthy living. Watersports and aquatic activities are possible all year round due to the sheltering influence of a reef headland. Watersport facilities and dive centers are located throughout El Gouna, which is an international kite surfing destination.  The town also hosts cultural festivals and other major events. 

El Gouna was honored to be the first destination in Africa and the Arab Region to receive the Global Green Award.  Sponsored by the United Nations Environment Program, this award is handed to cities making substantial efforts, progress and improvements within the field of environmental sustainability.


The 25º C temperature in March is ideal for swimming, diving and to make lots of other beach/sea activities, apart of playing football, of course


Conveniently located 20 kilometers north of Hurghada, El Gouna is only a four hour flight from Europe’s major capitals.

The town is easily accessed from Europe via the nearby Hurghada International Airport and boasts a superb infrastructure and excellent services as well as natural beaches and year-round sunshine.

The town’s location offers good access to many of Egypt’s natural wonders, historical sites, and archaeological treasures. The ancient temples of Luxor and Aswan are only a ride away. Day and overnight trips to Luxor, Aswan, Cairo, and Sinai are also easily arranged from El Gouna.

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